In From the Cold…Almost

Perhaps he had finally gone mad.

But no, it could never be that easy—was it ever?

The mere fact that he acknowledged he could have lost his mind proved that he hadn’t. So once again, Allen watched his warm breath as he sighed into the cold motel room. He, a Townsend, was sleeping in a motel room that didn’t have heat available during the harsh winter.

He just had to be a stupid prophet, didn’t he?

At first, when the man currently watching over him appeared, he couldn’t believe a word he said. Allen would have never thought that angels have touched down to Earth, in human form, while demons also walked around in human form.

It seemed a little far-fetched, you see. Until the angel…which had occupied a beautiful vessel…but that was neither here nor there, simply pointed out the visions Allen constantly endured. That was enough to believe. However, when black-eyed strangers ambushed him, he was convinced that he was indeed in danger and that he should stay with his new protector. Allen wasn’t afraid of him, not after the demons were exercised and when he was healed just by a simple touch to his forehead.


"What is it?" the angel’s gruff voice questioned.

"Could w-we possibly go s-somewhere else?" Allen asked softly.

There was a pause before Zebediah answered, “No.”


"What’s the matter?"

A lot of things, but right now, he could only focus on one. He curled up even more underneath the scratchy sheets and murmured, “I’m just…r-really cold.” Another pause, and then he heard the angel move; his clothing rustled in the dark, quiet room. Two bumps to the floor followed, and furrowing his brows, he wondered why the angel had just taken off his vessel’s shoes. He started to turn over to catch the male with his eyes, only to squeak in surprise. Zebediah lifted up the covers before he lied on the mattress beside the human. “W-what are you doing?”

"Offering you warmth," he answered softly. Like it was nothing, he scooted closer, and pressed his chest against the prophet’s back and draped his arm around him. Taking a glance at his face, Zebediah asked, "Is this better?"

Allen averted his eyes immediately while he felt heat fill up his cheeks. “Um…y-yes, thank you, Z-Zebediah.”

Several long moments passed before the human spoke up again. “A-are you…going to keep staring at me all night?”

The angel’s brow creased and he finally laid his head down on the pillow. “Better?”

"Y-yes…thank you."

Little did Allen know, if he hadn’t said anything, the angel would have kept his eyes on him all night.

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